Flight Showchoir is non-profit 501(c)(3) entity. Your donation will be used solely to support costs associated with Flight's performances and rehearsals. Your donation may be deductible, check with your tax preparer.

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Flight is unique in many aspects, but one way is that its members are from so many schools. As such, there is not any school funding that goes towards this group. They rely solely on outside funding.  Additionally, since Kansas doesn’t have any competitions, their season requires travel throughout the Midwest. After a phenomenal first two seasons, there is no question that this is valuable experience for many Kansas teens, but help is needed to make that a reality. 

Sponsorships and donations are an important part of growing a successful showchoir. By donating, you are helping to keep music alive in Kansas and make dreams come true for many students. 

All donations and contributions, either small or large, help make for a successful year and are greatly appreciated by all choir members.